What is SafeCast?

SafeCast is a dual-use technology which enables the automatic filtering of inappropriate content away from children and vulnerable people on televisions and the internet by means of a Self Applied Content Rating system. Labelling is FREE. Safecast will seamlessly integrate with age verification systems that are built in accordance with the NIST SP800-63 Digital Identity Guidelines. It thus enables internet service providers to comply with Section 104 of the Digital Economy Act 2017 as best practice. It allows the TV Watershed to be deployed on all media thereby protecting children and vulnerable people from seeing inappropriate video content. SafeCast achieves this by the inclusion of tags or metadata within video content and automatically processes them in the mobile device, TV set or set-top box. The SafeCast technology is protected by granted patents in both the UK (GB2498499) and the USA (9,392 302) whose claims apply only to advertisements - all others can use the technology free of charge. The technology can be used by broadcasters, ISPs, content creators and the public at large to mark-up all kinds of inappropriate video content (pornography, horror and violence) free of charge on all systems including social media.