Cachebox People
who will introduce you to the team of people who make up SafeCast

SafeCast is a dual-use technology which will seamlessly integrate with the forthcoming BSI Age Verification Standard under the UK Digital Economy Act 2017. It also enables the TV Watershed to be deployed on all media thereby protecting children and vulnerable people from seeing inappropriate video content. SafeCast achieves this by the inclusion of tags or metadata within video content and automatically processes them in the mobile device, TV set or set top box. The SafeCast technology is protected by granted patents in both the UK (GB2498499) and the USA (9,392 302). The company also has a registered trademark for its technology and invention. The technology can be used by broadcasters and the public at large to mark-up all kinds of inappropriate video content (pornography, horror and violence) free of charge and only falls within the scope of the patent claims when used in advertising.

The company (Cachebox TV Ltd t/a SafeCast) has three directors:
Alistair KELMAN - CEO and Founder
Diana KELMAN - Director of Operations and Founder
Henning von Spreckelsen - Non-Executive Director

SafeCast® is the registered trademark of Cachebox TV Limited t/a SafeCast®

Company Number 08456273  Registered Office 37 Station Road London NW4 4PN