SafeCast has developed a universal labelling system with metadata embedded in the software. This not only stops children seeing pornography, horror and violent video content on the internet but replicates the TV Watershed on all media platforms without censorship. (By using
existing broadcasting standards and norms in association with voluntary metadata labelling and making it free in live broadcasting, our intention is to encourage the early adoption of high-quality child protection across all video media and platforms). SafeCast's Best Practice system ensures that children are protected from seeing inappropriate content on television and the internet. Our patented technology enhances and gives efficacy to the Digital Economy Act 2017 and the BSI Age Verification Standard (PAS 1296). Our technology is free to broadcasters and the public.

In December 2016  SafeCast had a very good meeting with senior civil servants at the DCMS who asked us, at the meeting, to build a SafeCast demonstrator for us to show to potentially interested parties. The demonstrator is available here as a special Google Form which demonstrates the SafeCast Headcode system for marking up video content. The marked up video would then be managed by the middleware software that will give effect to the BSI Age Verification Standard (PAS 1296) in tablets, mobile phones and televisions from when the Digital Economy Act 2017 mandates the use of the AV standard.

The demonstrator asks for your email address, but this is only to email you a copy of your labelling selections. We will not sell or give your email address to anyone (unless ordered by a court to do so) and we will not use your email address to contact you unless you have given us permission to do so.

In May 2017 we made a second demonstrator to illustrate how the SafeCast HeadCodes could be used by Advertisers under the SafeCast patent to automatically enable compliance with TV Watershed restrictions. This SafeCast Advertisers Demonstrator is available here